Dino Raso Luxury Goods Design is an international design consultancies for fashion, luxury and lifestyle brands.

Founded in 2008 by Dino Raso, a luxury good designer and brand consultant with 20 years of experience in shaping and developing the unique creative vision of his clients, we hold a deep understanding of the dynamic fashion landscape and we are able to predict trends and industry innovation.

Our signature combination of global positioning and local insight in the most prestigious manufacturing districts enables us to deliver unparalleled design consultancy and at the same time to fully support brands in the whole development process until the validation stage. We also offer coaching services for in-house designers to facilitate and optimize their operations.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the leather goods industry, we offer a 360° consultancy that delivers insights and identifies opportunities to boost the accessories business of our clients, which span from niche labels and luxury power houses to fast fashion giants.

Supporting our clients in the creative phase and then offering them exclusive access to an outstanding network of suppliers and pattern makers, Dino Raso Luxury Goods Design accompanies brands in the design management and development of it-bags and must-have leather goods.